Impounded and Stored Vehicle

If your vehicle is being stored on our premises by either an accident or impound, we will be happy to assist you as quickly as possible. Please note the following instructions and read our frequently asked question to ensure the best possible service.

Instruction to recover your vehicle

  1. Call to see what office your vehicle is located. We do have two different locations
  2. Come to our office location during our regular office hours Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm ( you may obtain your vehicle after hours, weekends and holidays, But there is an after hour gate fee to be charged )
  3. Bring with you, proof of ownership (registration, signed off title and bill of sale if vehicle not in your name) Drivers license, if your license is not valid you will need a picture id and a valid driver.
  4. If your vehicle has a hold on it you will need to bring a police or release from the courts.
  5. Provide full payment before the vehicle is released.
  6. If your vehicle has been wrecked and you have coverage to cover your towing expense, please let the office help know, you might also want to give a verbal release to insurance at that time.

To pickup personal property out of your vehicle

  1. See instructions above #1 to #4
  2. Things that cannot be taken are: stereos, speakers, batteries wheels, amps, etc, anything attached by wires, screws nut or bolts they belong with the vehicle.
  3. Things that may be taken are clothing, cds, papers, medications, purses, etc.( this is only with proof of ownership)

Frequently asked questions

Q. Does it matter how long I leave my vehicle at Triple J Towing?

Yes, there is a towing and daily charge for your vehicle to sit at our location.

Q. What will happen if I just leave my vehicle at your lot?

It will approximately take 25 to 30 days to process your vehicle for auction. At that time whatever is owed on the lien minus what the vehicle sales for, you are responsible to pay. If not paid the lien amount will go to collection.

Q. What if I never put the vehicle in my name?

It is the law that when you sell a vehicle you are required to do a sellers report in most states. So most likely the person who sold the vehicle to you did this and this is a legal document which puts you as the buyer responsible for the lien amount.

Q. What happens if I cannot make payment or don’t want my vehicle back?

We understand that sometimes this happens, which we do offer what we call a release of liability. You can pay the initial towing plus tax within 7 days, anything after 7 days will be rate adjusted depending on the amount of days in our lot. We strongly suggest this if you are not going to pickup vehicle so you are not turned over to collection.